ICC 2024: Graduate Student/K12 Teacher Scholarship Information

Extended application deadline: December 8, 2023, 11:59 pm PST.

We are grateful to contributions by ICC cosponsors that contribute to these awards: Arizona International at the University of Arizona, the Center for Advanced Language Proficiency Education & Research (CALPER) at Pennsylvania State University, the Center for Applied Second Language Studies (CASLS) at the University of Oregon, and the National Foreign Language Resource Center (NFLRC) at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

Scholarships cover registration fees for the conference for graduate students

Scholarships cover registration fees for the conference and/or workshops for K-12 teachers; they are also eligible to apply for up to two nights of lodging if they are attending the whole conference.

Registration Scholarship Eligibility: To be considered for a scholarship that will cover registration fees for the 2024 Intercultural Competence conference or workshops, you must be a fulltime K-12 teacher or fulltime student currently enrolled in a graduate program; some recent graduates can also apply (dissertation submitted within the last year and no fulltime employment). The application form asks for contact details of the person who will verify your eligibility status (i.e., Principal or Department Chair for K-12 applicants; Department Head or Program Advisor for student applicants).

University of Arizona students are not eligible for a scholarship unless they are a presenter at the conference. Please contact CERCLL (cercll@email.arizona.edu) as soon as possible for information about how to volunteer at the conference in exchange for registration.

Scholarship Recipient Obligations: Scholarship recipients agree to submit to CERCLL a description of their experiences related to the conference by March 29, 2024. These materials may be selected for use in future advertising and other promotional or educational activities conducted by the conference organizers.

Application Method: All registration scholarship applications must be submitted using the online application form.

NOTE: It is advisable to keep a backup copy of your application in case of submission problems

The application requires:

  1. Your identifying information (name, institution, email address and phone number);
  2. Your degree program (for students);
  3. The languages and courses you teach (for K-12 teachers);
  4. Contact details for the person verifying your eligibility (name, position and email address);
  5. A narrative of 200-400 words in which you explain why you want to attend the conference and what you hope to get out of the event.

Scholarships for K-12 teachers: these awards cover conference registration fees or workshop(s) registration fees only for those who are unable to attend the rest of the conference. The application form allows applicants to select the options in which they are interested.

Scholarships for graduate students: Besides the regular conference registration scholarships, a small number of workshop scholarships may also be available for graduate students depending on availability. If you are interested in a workshop scholarship, you can enter your first and second choices during the scholarship application process (workshop choices cannot be guaranteed and may not be confirmed until just before the conference, so if you want to be assured of a seat in your preferred workshop, you should register for that as a paying attendee).

Status Notification Schedule: Your scholarship application will be processed and you will receive word about the status of your application by December 15.

The online application form must be submitted by the deadline: December 8, 2023, 11:59 pm PST.

Questions? Please contact CERCLL at cercll@arizona.edu, +1(520)626-8071